What Your Warehouse Needs to be Profitable

What Your Warehouse Needs to be Profitable

by Conelec Staff

Warehouses are one of the most important aspects of any physical goods business. Without a great warehouse set-up, you are bound to waste precious capital and time. Follow the advice below to make sure your warehouse is making, not losing, money for you and your company. Then you can put your focus on all the other things that are important for your business:

Automated Security

Making sure you have great security automation is essential to any warehouse. Warehouses store your most valuable cargo and products. Having security is paramount to preventing costly losses and being able to monitor production or output. In addition, automating the process will help you avoid wasting time and money having people manually enter in codes or keep an eye on things. With products like ADT Pulse technology, you can utilize your security from anywhere, not just at work. From your mobile device, managers can have access to secure doors, locks, and cameras remotely. If alarms go off, whether it is for fire, burglary, or something else, the proper authorities are alerted, and you can have peace of mind that your supplies are taken care of.


Efficient Doors and Windows

Warehouses may need to be heated or cooled depending on your product type, and the location. If this is the case, one of the biggest expenses you could rack up would be due to poor insulation or seals on your windows and doors. Make sure an inspector tells you which ones might need to be repaired or replaced each year. The amount you spend on regular maintenance will be far outweighed by what you save.



Your employees need to handle your packages in an efficient manner so you aren’t wasting labor hours on certain tasks. Make sure you take the time to lay out clearly what is to be done to label and ship each package. That way, you can hire virtually anyone to come in and work at your warehouse, and simply follow the step by step manual without wasting time and driving up labor costs. Work with a company to find supply chain solutions unique to your business model. You’ll find new ways to automate, improve processes, and make programs more streamlined.


Logistics and Location

For some warehouses you could save money by having a location that is more remote. However, one of the key factors should be how close it is to roads that you need to transport your goods on. If the trucks have to go extra miles out of their way, the cheaper cost could be offset.


When it comes to warehouses, operational processes can be a pain to figure out, even for experienced business people. The last thing you want is another piece of property that is losing you money instead of making it. Try to make sure you have the elements in place in your warehouse, so you can enjoy more profit and less headache for your company.