Tier 1 Capabilities

Tier 1 Capabilities

by Conelec Team

We pride ourselves on offering Tier 1 capabilities and quality, with the responsiveness and personal attention of our experienced, domestic service team. Our attention to detail, process development and control, ability to problem solve, and superior customer service allow us to become an extension of our customers’ operations.

Our capabilities far exceed those of other regional electronics manufacturing service providers. With engineering support, new product introduction expertise, and supply chain services, the benefits of choosing Conelec are easy to see for our client OEMs.

Level 4 Traceability

We have pioneered 2D bar coding with our supply base to support our traceability process. This allows for rapid receipt of material while ensuring the accuracy of the data attached to each unique lot.

Incoming lots are labeled by the distributor with a 2D barcode that contains all the pertinent information necessary for effective traceability.

ACES (Assured Customer Excellence System)

Award-winning quality data collection system, developed and customized to fully integrate with our ERP system. Example operator input:

  • All defects logged throughout the production process and captured in ACES, starting with AOI (data automatically fed into ACES)
  • Numerous reporting tools to extract and review any defects for a particular job, assembly, or customer “Family Code”
  • Reviewed weekly by a cross-functional team to identify trends and develop further actions
  • Closed-loop system – product cannot ship until all defects cleared

Panasonic NPM-W

Why not take advantage of the best SMT equipment on the market? Our incredible lines allow your production to be streamlined and optimized. Like anything Conelec related, our equipment, is your equipment.

  • Fine pitch capable down to 0.25mm
  • Capable down to 01005 devices
  • Pkg-on-pkg (POP) experience
  • Placement speeds up to 70,000 CPH
  • Inline SPI and AOI
  • Electronic setup verification

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our 62,000 square foot facility empowers us to produce almost any good imaginable. To increase efficiency and turnaround even more, we setup spacious cells allowing for rapid turnaround for emergency deadlines. With tilt-wall construction and ESD flooring throughout—our facility is second-to-none in global capabilities.

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