Quality Policy

Quality Policy

by Conelec Team
From development through distribution, every detail that impacts your experience with Conelec matters to us. Conelec Quality Systems are in place to ensure that we are performing within the parameters necessary to manufacture the best product possible for our customers. Metric visibility, reporting and accountability systems are in place in every department to keep team members involved with continuous improvement.

Supplier Selection

It all starts with the components that we bring into the system. When choosing a supplier, our senior buyers ensure that they research and screen each supplier thoroughly. Suppliers must be capable of maintaining the high standard that Conelec looks to in turn provide our customers.

Training and Standards

Conelec has an in-house IPC 7711/7721 and IPC-A-610 which provides those employees dealing with soldering operations, wire harness assembly, and cable assembly the extra IPCsexpertise that sets Conelec apart from other electronics contract manufacturers.

We utilize IPC-7912 and IPC-9261 standards for DPMO (defects per million opportunities) to provide for standardized analysis of performance. These benchmarks are used throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that Conelec is operating efficiently.


Our comprehensive certifications allow us to enter many different markets. With these certifications, customers know they can expect the highest level of quality from Conelec and our manufacturing processes. This is just the start of the trust that must be formed and maintained between a manufacturing services provider and an OEM. At Conelec, our goal is to make sure that our customers fully trust in our ability to operate as an extension of their operation.

Quality Certifications:

Quality Statement

As a team, Conelec crafted a quality statement that is displayed throughout our facility. This is to remind all employees of their contribution to Conelec and the products being manufactured.

Conelec Quality Policy – Assured Customer Excellence

“Our commitment is to provide products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements and demonstrates our continual improvement in quality, delivery, technology and cost by maintaining an effective quality management system.”

Quality Values

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
  • People are our most valuable asset.
  • Suppliers and customers are long-term business partners.
  • Continuous process improvement is a way of life.
  • Ethical and socially responsible behavior is essential.
  • Every Conelec employee works under the guidance of these values and is responsible for acting in accordance with them.