Printed Circuit Board Assembly with Package on Package (PoP) Technology

Printed Circuit Board Assembly with Package on Package (PoP) Technology

by Conelec Team


At Conelec our job is to make your business our business. Clients often come to us with various challenges from engineering to supply chain problems. No matter the degree of difficulty, here at Conelec we have the personnel and the capabilities to find a solution.

The challenge in this particular case is that we needed to develop a process to manufacture a complex PCBA with package on package (PoP) technology.


In this situation, Conelec has many advantages that will help combat this problem. First, we have world class pick and place equipment that is capable of placing devices within ± 30 µm and capable of populating the extremely challenging package on package (PoP) parts. Second, Conelec has certified SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) engineers knowledgeable in the technology and required processes including Six Sigma. All of these expertise and capabilities create a recipe for success.


In the end, Conelec successfully manufactured and delivered production quantities of printed circuit board assemblies with package on package (PoP) components to the client.