Medical Products

Medical Products

by Conelec Team
Medical product OEM’s are challenged by many factors that make enlisting highly capable and committed manufacturing partner a smart strategic choice. Conelec has core systems and capabilities that help customers reduce the risks involved with high complexity, high reliability product, and also reduce time-to-market and provide global support.

You need a partner – with years of experience

Producing medical products is just more than capabilities – it’s more than just cost. It’s producing the highest quality product, on-time and on-demand. We understand the rigorous requirements our customers expect. We offer FDA compliance, ISO 13485 certification and of course, a knowledgeable team who’ve worked with medical device manufacturing for decades.

Ready for any challenge

No matter what stage you’re in, from prototype to NPI (New Product Introduction) or looking to streamline your entire process to be turnkey – allow Conelec team to give solutions to your current issues. Cost? Production time? Needing full turnkey box builds? Need Class I experience? Our support team will see you through the entire electronic medical equipment lifecycle.

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See the Conelec Way of Electronic Manufacturing

You can also reach us directly at or call us: 386-873-8300. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our capabilities and see if we’d be a perfect fit for your needs.

Full lifecycle

Conelec provides end to end manufacturing services, from printed circuit board assemblies to fully integrated systems. For most of our medical customers – we do full box build assemblies. Learn more about our LEAN manufacturing and how our Kanban events have brought excitement and cost reductions. We add further value with supply chain management services and logistics support.

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