Level 4 Traceability

Level 4 Traceability

by Conelec Team
Enhancing the Electronics Manufacturing Experience – A Real Solution for Traceability

As electronics technology advances to complex micro-components and to placing systems in harsh or human-critical environments, the need for thorough traceability during manufacturing is essential. Not only is this traceability necessary for the end-user to ensure that their product is safe and reliable, but it’s extremely helpful to the manufacturer in order to better regulate process and quality controls.

Unique ID (UID)

When the receiving transaction is processed, a Unique ID (UID) is generated.

The UID barcode is scanned and validated at the SMT process. The UID is married to the board serial number and reference designator, providing the link for traceability to the board/component level.

Traceability Reports

Our system allows for traceability of SMT devices down to the reference designator.