Higher Level Assembly (HLA)

Higher Level Assembly (HLA)

by Conelec Team
With the facility expansion in 2012, we added flexible, scalable capacity for high level assembly services. By utilizing the new increased space, we’ve been able to implement full lean manufacturing principals. Decreasing costs to our customers and increasing efficiencies. We’re always continually improving our processes.
One of the strategies we use is High-Level Assembly (HLA) with is not only proven to be effective but allows us to focus on top-level assembly to help minimize inventory, floor space, overhead and labor costs. The biggest part of HLA is the ability it presents to make our production simpler. That’s just the beginning – HLA allows us to focus on our core competencies and work with our key suppliers on concurrent engineering. Cycle times are reduced since we’re managing few parts overall. Lower costs can be achieved by leveraging our suppliers. It gives us the ability to leverage a more fixed cost since we’re operating under higher volumes. Overall capital is reduced since the supplier owns and manages the in-process inventory. This increases cash flow to support operating costs.

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Customized solutions for all quantity volume programs can be designed for you – from new product introduction (NPI) through direct fulfillment – including material sourcing, engineering and test services. Our skilled assemblers are capable of producing straightforward higher-level assemblies as well as final assembly of complex electrical, electronic and mechanical sub-systems.

Capability Summary

System integration of electrical and mechanical assemblies into final systems

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis
  • Prototype to volume production
  • Full system assembly: build-to-order
  • Kanban and VMI
  • Full product serialization
  • Component traceability
  • System test capabilities
  • Direct fulfillment