What is First Pass Yield and Why Does it Matter?

What is First Pass Yield and Why Does it Matter?

by Conelec Team

You’ve probably heard the term used before or if you haven’t, thanks for coming to our site for more info. We’re Conelec, we offer turnkey electronic manufacturing services and we’re located in Sunny Florida.

So, First Pass Yield an important metric for measuring quality and production performance in manufacturing. There are loads of benefits to including it, such as measuring the effectiveness of a process and eliminating waste. The significance really comes into play when we talk about reworks. In most facilities, reworks can be a huge time and COST burden on final production. Using the First Pass Yield metric can help prevent hidden costs and eliminate untimely reworks. We have a ton of data on hand and go over our month-to-month results with you. You’ll be super impressed.

On top of minimizing additional costs, First Pass Yield can measure success of continuous improvement activities. You’ll see with some manufacturing companies that they’ll introduce initiatives to reduce waste and inefficiency but still not measure the effectiveness of it without first pass yield analysis. It’s truly one of those things, if you’re going to do one, why not do the other?

Conelec focuses and prominently displays our monthly analytics on our shop floor. Our team talks, discusses and constantly looks for ways of improvement. We continue to look for improvement to constantly pass more value, more incentives and better results to our customers.


The formula is pretty straightforward and we’ve included it below:

First Pass Yield Formula

First pass yield = (units of products completed from process to specification with no rework) / (total units of products entering the process)

First Pass Yield Example

If 100 units enter a process and99 are finished to specification—and 2 are reworked;
First Pass Yield = (99-2) / 100 = .97 = 97%


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