by Conelec Team

Frequently Asked Questions

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What sets Conelec apart from other Electronics Manufacturers?

We focus on creating a personalized and flexible manufacturing process. Our manufacturing expertise as well as infrastructure are unlike other EMS providers our size.

Who do I contact to find more information on Conelec Electronic Manufacturing?

You can email us at sales@conelec.net or support@conelec.net or feel free to call us during working hours at (386) 873-3800.

How does Conelec handle confidential information?

Information Integrity Statement: Conelec is often entrusted with confidential or proprietary information by customers, suppliers, and other business contacts. This information is safeguarded as if it were our own. We are willing and able to sign NDAs.

What are some product examples that Conelec has worked on?

  • Emergency Vehicle Control Panels
  • Data Security Products
  • Velocity Measurement Systems
  • Automotive Performance Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Identity Verification Systems

What does Conelec do in an effort to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Conelec actively seeks new ways to decrease our environmental footprint. Residual materials are collected and sent for reclamation or are recycled. Energy usage is monitored via timers on all factory lights and skylights are in place to decrease the overall need for more lighting.

Does Conelec have a training program in place for all employees?

Conelec has a new hire orientation program that covers ESD and FOD instruction. Additionally we certify our employees to industry standards like IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-A-620, and J-STD-001.

What do I need to have in order to receive a quote from Conelec?

A Request for Quote form will need to be completed. This form will allow you to designate the type of assembly, conformal coating requirements, etc. Bare Board and Gerber files are also necessary to start the quote process.

How does Conelec mitigate risk throughout the manufacturing process?

It all starts with hiring a great team. The Conelec team is highly skilled and experienced at what they do. Throughout the manufacturing process, there are many check points in place where products are inspected for proper assembly. The product will also go through test and final quality inspections to ensure the product is functioning and meeting all necessary quality standards.

How does Conelec select suppliers?

In selecting Suppliers, Conelec may use any or all of the following criteria to determine acceptability:

  • Supplier performance history
  • Score card
  • On-time delivery history
  • Capability to meet requirements
  • Reputation and references
  • Conelec supplier quality survey/audits
  • Pricing, service, and value

How much input do I have in the manufacturing of my product?

At Conelec, Your Business is Our Business. You will work alongside our team so that the product is manufactured to your expectations.

How will I benefit from working with Conelec?

You will have a trusted partner manufacturing your product.