Data Security Hard Drive Degausser

Data Security Hard Drive Degausser

by Conelec Team

Degaussing is the standard method used for data destruction because, unlike sanitation methods, data cannot be recovered through software or laboratory methods. Magnetic fields are used to erase data off computer hard drives. In order to ensure information is permanently eliminated, the degausser must be manufactured by a highly reliable and experienced electronics manufacturer.


Conelec manufactures many different products and sub-assemblies for the security industry. Hard drive degaussers need to be reliable, fast, quiet, and easy for the company to incorporate into their operations. The challenge when making this type of product is developing a method and process to manufacture a complex assembly and drop ship the product to the end user.


In this case, Conelec’s skilled engineering staff in conjunction with our experienced operations team is well equipped to introduce new products of any complexity to the factory floor. Conelec’s engineering services include design for manufacturability, design for test, test development, bill of material analysis, and lead free (RoHS) conversion strategies.

Our account managers and logistics team can effectively manage any shipping challenge. They are specialists in receiving, sorting, tracking, and fulfilling your product needs locally and internationally. We can receive from and ship to any location.


As a result of our collective team experience in electronics manufacturing, Conelec successfully introduced an entire family of degausser’s to the manufacturing floor and drop ships them all over the world on behalf of our customer. These degaussers meet all of the customer’s quality standards designated by the DoD as well as other compliance organizations. An added benefit for the customer is Conelec’s aftermarket services in logistics, repairs, warehousing, etc.