Could the iPhone X be produced in the USA?

Could the iPhone X be produced in the USA?

by Conelec Team

With the upcoming¬†release of the iPhone X, a question that gets asked often to us is, “Could the phone be produced within the US?” We see so often that some of the biggest products are produced outside the USA and shipped stateside. Is it the cost of manufacturing? Is it supply chain? Is it the parts? The answer is a little of all three.

Could Conelec Produce it?

At Conelec, our manufacturing lines are comparable to any oversea’s manufacturer. With our LEAN philosophies, we can also keep costs down through the entire process. If that isn’t impressive enough, when we breakdown the shipping costs of bringing your goods from other countries compared to shipping from beautiful Florida (us!), you’ll see even more benefits to using us for your electronic manufacturing needs.

Why Does the iPhone X cost so much?

But back on subject; what stops American companies from producing the big, big products? A lot comes from acquiring the components. The screens being used for the iPhone X funny enough come from Samsung. Yes, that Samsung. Yes, that company that sits in a court room against Apple 24/7. The big thing for Apple, is, will they be able to produce the component themselves or be sentenced to doing business with Samsung for the foreseeable future.

It also explains why the phone starts at $1,000 without a phone contract.

Is the iPhone X worth it?

That’s up to you and your wallet. While face recognition is the hot selling point, the hardware isn’t special. Also, the touch feature we’ve grown accustomed to was left out do to limitations of the technology and screen.

The phone will be a smash hit. There’s not doubt about that. It’s shiny, and from pictures, it looks great. The camera continues to blur the line between high end cameras and the capabilities of our phones. For us, when producing video content, sometimes an iPhone will do just fine. Or a Samsung.