Ballistic Chronograph

Ballistic Chronograph

by Conelec Team


Many of Conelec’s client come here with the challenge of producing a cost effective product domestically.


In order to compete in the commercial industry, Conelec has created a process that allows us to compete with others in the market. The process begins with the Quote Team identifying suppliers with the best price and most reliable delivery. Automatic ordering (Auto MRP) allows our supply chain specialists to focus on custom and high level items. Conelec’s established local and international supply streams achieve lower landed costs, thus resulting in a premium product with a cost effective solution.

Conelec uses state of the art automation equipment which allows us to be competitive with all low-cost region manufacturers. For example, the soldering paste inspection (SPI) equipment can conduct accurate volumetric analysis and automated optical inspections (AOI) are capable of creating real time verification. Both increase the manufacturing life cycle and decrease costs to the consumer. Our engineering talent develops and implements the most cost effective ways to take products from raw materials to completed assemblies.


As a result, Conelec successfully met all cost, delivery, and quality targets established by our customer for their high volume product line. Our average manufacturing life cycle is 9.9 days with 98% of production arriving on time to the customer.