About Us

About Us

by Conelec Team

The Beginning:

Roger and his wife Susan started Conelec in 1983 in a meager 1,800 sf facility in Sanford, Florida. In the initial days, they partnered with Howard Wagner, founder of Hollis Engineering, one of the original developers of the Wave Solder machine.

They started with a few high volume military products that had thru-hole technology (THT). Sometime after the company started, they attained ISO9000 certification. In 2002, they became ISO13485 (Medical) certified. Their technology grew afterwards from THT to lasered light SMT to vision assisted SMT to traditional Pick-N-Place equipment.

The company grew out of their 1,800 sf facility in 1986 and later moved into a 5,000 sf operation, then into a 11,000 sf operation and finally into a 22,000 sf facility before they were purchased by Mainstreet Capital in 2011.

Mainstreet Capital Partners immediately injected several million dollars into state-of-the-art Panasonic NPN-W equipment, a new 62,000 sf facility in Deland and a new team of PCBA experts focused on delivering world-class quality, delivery and capabilities.

During this time, Conelec also became AS9100 certified and they continue to increase their capabilities to this day. Even though Conelec now has the equipment, processes, and team of a Tier 1 EMS provider, they still stay true to their humble roots and believe that World Class Customer Service is the most critical recipe to managed growth and success.

Conelec is a family. Every client who has walked through our facility or has worked with us long term can attest to knowing the team by first name and feeling comfortable to entrust them with their product.

Over the years, we have constantly invested in our team, our equipment, and our methodologies to provide the quality, service, and consistently competitive prices that have helped us develop long-term relationships with customers from every industry.

Building Your Success Through Electronic Manufacturing

When you engage with us, the extensive electronics manufacturing knowledge base and experience of our management team is accessible to support your program success. Our leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge and collective experience gained from servicing some of the most successful OEM’s in the world.